☢💪6 Week💪☢   Resilience Challenge
**Read Details Below if you don't want to watch the video**
Who knows what is going on in the world right now?!

One thing is certain...

We must focus on our health, and we must remain positive!

That's why we are doing the 6 Week Resilience Challenge.

All of our members are going to participate in this challenge that will focus on 3 areas...

1. Boost Immune System

2. Improve Mental State

3. Build Fitness Level

The video above is a detailed explanation of the challenge.

The abbreviated details are below...

6 Week Challenge

Pick 1-3 Habits from each category

Track them daily

Get accountability weekly from a coach

Complete 4/7 Days of all 3 habits for 6 Weeks, get a Free
"I thrived" shirt

Complete 3/7 or less days, donate to a charity of your choice

At the end of this, we have established healthy habits that will help us be more resilient in the future, and that we can stick to even once this virus is gone.

Cost for members and their families= $0

Cost for non-members= $25
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