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We are looking for 20 Women and Men who are ready to transform their lives with our       12 Week Transformation Journey
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  • ​Are you able to attend 3 classes per week?
  • ​Are you willing to track your progress with before and after photos?
  • ​You aren't afraid of commitment. We want you here for all 90 days to really see the results of your hard work.
  • ​​Do you have the willpower to follow our nutrition program? We give you the tools that you need to succeed. You just have to follow it.
  • ​Are you a team player? There is nothing more motivating than a group of your friends cheering each other on. And there's nothing worse than a bad attitude.
  • ​Do you really want to see the change? The coaches and I really want to see you succeed, but you need to want it more!  
  • ​Not looking to lose weight? No problem. This isn't just a weight-loss program. We encourage all types of transformations.
  • ​Are you respectful? You must respect the rules of the gym. The rules were created to protect our culture. The culture was created to give you the best possible experience. 
Dr. Chris Davis, Doctor of Physical Therapy +
 Megan Davis, MS, RDN
Owners of TriForce CrossFit
The Davises have been helping people with fitness and health for over 20 years combined. Chris finished his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014, while Megan finished her Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition in 2011.

 Chris and Megan moved to St. Augustine in 2017 and soon after opened TriForce CrossFit with the burning desire to help their community become: More Healthy, More Fit, and More Confident. And just wait until you see how they have done just that with 100's of people in just over a year of being opened.
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